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Dear Load Rite,

Thanks for making such an innovative product! I am thrilled with my new trailer. I really think that you're on to something creating these trailers for the inboard ski boat market. We are a niche market that deserves the option of quality aluminum trailers from Load Rite. I adjusted the trailer to my boat today at the marina and the enclosed picture says it all. Your trailer is making my Mastercraft look even better. Not bad for a 10 year old boat. My boat is a 1999 Mastercraft X-Star and it's sitting on a LR-ASKI20T4200102TB1. The 1999 X-Star is the same hull as the 205V and is currently still sold by Mastercraft as the X-1. It went by the name X-2 from 2003-2005 I believe as well. Thanks again, and here's my address if you have any hats left.

Josh Cummings


Outstanding after sale customer service, Loadrite stands behind every bolt! I would never consider another trailer Mfr other than Loadrite. Thanks again for the beyond expectation service!

Todd Roselle,
NJ April, 2009

Hi Load Rite,
I purchased a custom designed Load Rite Trailer about one year ago for my sailboat. The trailer was extremely well made with high quality components used throughout. I found that working with the factory, specifically Tamara in their Customer Service department, was easy. Everyone there is very knowledgeable and provides quick replies. I also found their dealers excellent to work with.

Bensalem, PA January, 2009

Just purchased a boat with a Load Rite trailer. Hauled them back home to Springfield, IL from Ft. Lauderdale, FL this past weekend, about 1,250 miles one way. Greased up the bearings, inflated the tires, checked the lights and took off. No problems, no issues. Wish all watercraft related products were as reliable and trouble free! Thanks for making a fine product.

September 2008