Selecting a Trailer / Load Rite Elite or 5 STARR Series?

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This is the most common question to our staff and dealers.  Which one’s better?  It’s a matter of preference, really.  Both are based on the same basic structure sharing frames and running gear.  Some of the subtle differences are:

  • Tires – Most Elite models with torsion axles feature radial tires while 5 STARR models have bias-ply as standard equipment with radials as an option. Elite models with bias-ply tires as standard equipment are aluminum and galvanized skiff models, and models with leaf spring suspension.

  • Lighting – Elite models feature LED lighting as standard equipment.  5 STARR Series have incandescent lighting as standard, with LED as an option.

  • Roller systems – Elite models feature fully articulating yellow TPR roller systems.  5 STARR series have TPR rollers on steel roller bars.

  • Aluminum bunk systems – Elite models feature AB style bunks, pivoting bunks mounted on galvanized steel support tubes.  5 STARR AC models have solid wood bunks with a beveled edge.

  • Aluminum bunk sideguides – Elite tandem and triaxle aluminum models feature sideguide tubes as standard equipment.  Elite single axle and all 5 STARR aluminum models have sideguide tubes available as optional equipment.

  • Fender steps – Elite models feature extruded aluminum fender steps. 

  • Taillight mount – Elite models feature taillight protection integral to the mount.  Elite models have taillights that are more exposed.

  • Warranty – Although both the Elite and 5 STARR model lines feature the 2 Plus 3 Year Warranty, there are differences between the two. Visit the Warranty page to review both.


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