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Tow Vehicle Requirements

Refer to tow vehicle capabilities supplied by the manufacturer and compare with trailer requirements.


  • Towing capacity: a tow vehicle must be rated for the full GVWR of the trailer being towed
  • Hitch: a hitch assembly rated must be rated for the full GVWR of the trailer being towed
  • Tow ball size: match tow ball to the coupler / actuator requirement (2” or 2-5/16”) depending upon trailer capacity.  Check with your dealer.
  • Tow ball height: 18” to 21” from the ball centerline to the ground.  Adjust by using an offset drawbar.
  • Trailer electrical connection: 4 or 5 pin flat pigtail connector if no brakes or surge brake equipped, and 7 pin round if Electric Over Hydraulic (EOH) brake equipped.
  • Brake controller: required on models with electric or Electric Over Hydraulic (EOH) braking systems


Load-Carrying Capacity

To determine the load capacity requirement of your tow vehicle, refer to the Vehicle Identification Label attached to the trailer on the left frame rail just behind the tongue junction.  It will display the maximum load-carrying capacity of the trailer.  It is required to show the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) which is the load-carrying capacity plus the weight of the trailer itself.  It is the trailer operator’s responsibility to ensure that the total weight of the boat, engine fuel, water, gear and trailer do not exceed the GVWR capacity. 
If you don't know the correct weight of your boat and engine, don't guess; have it weighed.  This usually can be done at a local lumber yard, feed and fertilizer store, quarry, truck weigh station, etc.  Take the total weight of the rig and subtract the trailer dry weight that is noted on the VIN sticker.
Be especially careful not to overload the trailer by putting heavy baggage, camping gear, etc., in the boat while travelling.  If you must carry such equipment in your boat while trailering, take this into consideration at the time of purchase and go to the next larger-size trailer.